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ePass Overview & Quick Start

What is ePASS?

The electronic Personnel Action Submission System (ePASS) is a web based self service application giving you online access to view and update your home/work addresses and telephone numbers, emergency contact information, ethnicity, work authorization information, and more in NYU’s Human Resources/Payroll database. ePASS only updates the Human Resources/Payroll database, it does not update any other systems such as the NYU directory, the Student Information System (SIS/Albert), Accounts Payable, or your benefits information.

Through a web-based interface, requests can be submitted, routed, tracked, reviewed, approved, and updated into HRIS for human resource and payroll processing.


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ePASS Quick Start

Step 1- Accessing ePASS:

ePASS link

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Step 2- Changing Your Information:

1. To make a change, in the left hand menu, click on the gray link that corresponds to the information you want to change. 

ePASS Action List

2. Your current information will be displayed in the gray area on the left side of the page.  For instance, in the example below, the current address is 100 Main Street, Anytown, NY, 10000. 

Existing information

3. If the information is available to be changed, fields will be provided on the right side of the page to enter in the new information.  For instance, in the example, the new address has been entered as 5 Broadway, Mytown, NY, 11111.  If the information cannot be changed, fields will not be available; if the information is incorrect contact your Human Resources Officer.

New information

4. After entering the new information, click “Preview/Submit” to continue with the change. If there are any errors, you will receive a message and will have the opportunity to correct the entry. 


5. To get help on each of the specific actions, view the Request Details section.

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Step 3- Confirming Your Changes:

1. Review your request and make sure it is correct.  If the information is correct, click “Submit”.  If the information is not correct, click “Go Back” and make corrections.

Review page

2. Congratulations, your change was successful!  A final confirmation page is displayed which can be printed for your files.

Printer icon
**NOTE: Make note of the REF#, it can be used to search for this request later**

3. To print the page, click on the printer icon in the top right corner of the blue area. Confirmation page

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Step 4- View Your Requests and/or the Status:

After you submit your request, you will receive an email confirming your request (Example Subject: FYI: Obermeier,Mary, 100, 50000 (11 11), Other Change, Ref #3860 – SUBMITTED).  The request may then be routed to your Human Resource Office for approval.  You will receive an email confirmation once the change is complete and the information has been updated in the HR system (Example Subject: FYI: Obermeier,Mary, 100, 50000 (11 11), Other Change, Ref #3860 - POSTED IN HRIS).

My Active ePASS Requests Report
In addition to receiving an email, an identical message will be added to your Active ePASS Requests list. To access your ePASS Request list:

1. Click on the "My Active ePASS Requests " link in the left hand menu.

My Active ePASS Requests

2. A new window will open with a list of your open requests.

My Active ePASS Requests Report

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Step 5- Updates:

Each night, all approved requests are updated in the Human Resource/Payroll database.

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